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Trading Psychology: The Importance of a ...

The trading of cryptocurrencies is a fast-moving, thrilling industry with a massive profit potential. However, success in the volatile crypto market requires recognizing the significance of cultivating a trader’s attitude. Huge profits sometimes come with tremendous risk. This article will discuss the importance of trading psychology in cryptocurrency trading and offer advice on cultivating a […]

Navigating the Storm: A Comprehensive Gu...

A bear market in the cryptocurrency space can be both challenging and disheartening for investors, as the downward trend in asset prices often leads to a sense of uncertainty and diminished market enthusiasm. However, seasoned investors understand that bear markets can also present unique opportunities for those who are well-prepared and capable of making strategic […]

Kraken trading bot Overview

Trading was slower but nonetheless effective and efficient in the market when Bitcoin first appeared on the scene and the cryptocurrency concept was still relatively new. There are several bitcoin exchanges and types available today. There are a lot of cryptocurrency trading bots for exchanges like Kraken these days since the volatility in the cryptocurrency […]

Bear trap pattern explained for beginner...

What is a Bear Trap? The bear trap is a bearish reversal pattern that forms after a prolonged uptrend. The pattern gets its name because it “traps” bulls who expect the uptrend to continue. The bear trap pattern consists of three candles: The first candle is a strong bearish candle that closes near the lows […]

Is crypto bull run over?

It seems that the crypto bull run is over and the bears are taking over. Bitcoin is down more than 60% from its all-time high, and most other cryptocurrencies are following suit. So what caused this massive sell-off, and is it here to stay? In this blog post, we will explore the possible reasons for […]

What are crypto signals?

As you know, the crypto industry is rather dynamic, prices are constantly changing, and it’s hard even for advanced and successful traders to consistently make the right moves. One needs to dedicate a serious amount of time and effort to market analysis in order to make a profit. Due to this issue, a rather useful […]